Redhead c cup moaned

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#1 Redhead c cup moaned

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Redhead c cup moaned

So, having moaed home from work and having had a shower, I step out of the bathroom, my skin tingling, my body pink and glowing. From there, I walk the few steps to my bedroom. I drop the large, fluffy towel and, for a Redhead c cup moaned, I stand there, naked, surveying myself in the full length mirror on the wall. Applying a generous amount to my hands I start to rub it in. I start with my arms. My hands glide over the soft skin. An occasional fleeting contact with my naked boobs sends tiny electric shocks through me. My hands slide easily up my slender calves and over my rounded and shapely thighs. From there, they travel up to my midsection. A warm glow begins to spread through me as my hands absently trace their way under the curves of my boobs. Should I stop or should I continue? My nipples stiffen as my hands slide over them. How to have a great butt back on the bed, I close my eyes. I murmur my contentment as my hands squeeze and massage my moabed. I gently pinch my nipples and then my hands glide over the soft skin again. My cunt responds in kind. I can feel it begin to pulse. My boobs, firm and yet so soft, feel so good under my hands as I press them together, savouring the sensations arising from my attentions. Tentatively, I let one hand brush lower. I open my legs. A finger slides between my lips, tracing the warm, wet folds of my cunt, coating it with my juices which are already flowing copiously. I lift my fingers to my mouth, tasting the juices that are flowing freely noaned my cunt. The flavour intoxicates me. I return my fingers...

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Redhead c cup moaned

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