Pokemon ash misty fanart

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#1 Pokemon ash misty fanart

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Pokemon ash misty fanart

But while the silly boy from Pallet Town seems to ignore the beauty beside him, the fans have certainly noticed. Some of it shows off her cute side, some of it captures her fierce and fiery energy, and some shows a more evolved side of Misty. Misty's yellow tank top, red suspenders, and short shorts are certainly iconic if terrible as a fashion statement. Even in the anime, Misty has Floppy dick number up as a mermaid, worn various swimsuits, and even dressed up for traditional festivals. So why not celebrate her many different looks with some awesome fan art? So scroll down, be sure to hit up the artists' pages, and enjoy the many, often inappropriate, sides of everyone's favorite gym leader. Seeing the Ceruleon City Gym leader in full form helps contextualize the character outside of Ash Ketchum's worldview. Needless to say, she's a beloved character, and a lot of her fans have very specific interpretations of her beauty. Onto the next one! As it turns out, they're okay with it. Scholarship pageant alabama, really okay with. The designers wanted her to be "eye-candy" for the males watching Patriotic cheerleader costume show. Drawing Misty in a swimsuit just makes sense, like using a water type to fight a fire type. It makes so much sense that the creators also built that aspect into Misty's character from the start. The same interview that's quoted Pokemon ash misty fanart also mentions that the artists wanted to have many girls to design swimsuits for. So the writers established the tradition of having a new female trainer for every region. Even though Misty remains the most iconic of Ash's female companions, she was always destined to leave to make room for the next girl. That's why we get the...

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Pokemon ash misty fanart

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See more ideas about Ash ketchum, Pokemon ash and misty and Ash. Just a place to post my drawings (a good part of which is Pokémon / Ash x Misty fanart). In my opinion pokeshipping is the best. All the other shippings are trash & Misty is the only girl I like among all of them. May is too short tempered, dawn is too. #Pokemon#Ash and Misty#Ash Ketchum#Misty#Brock · notes · freaky-fan-art · #pokeshipping#contestshipping#ikarishipping#Ash and Misty#pokemon.

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