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#1 Pod cast wives of henry viii

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Pod cast wives of henry viii

With this episode we continue our series on the Tudors. Then Anne Boleyn failed as well, so you took care of that nuisance. In this episode we talk about the last four of your wives, or as we like to call them, Mommy, Sister, Party and Lucky. First up, Jane Seymour! It is known that she was a Maid of Honor to Anne Boleyn. They were wed within two weeks. We all know what Henry was after, a male heir. Jane looked like a promising vessel to bring Pod cast wives of henry viii to him. With that, the back-up plan crumbled and Henry has no heir options. We talk a bit about what happened in this short marriage during the podcast, but Jane is pregnant within a year and gives birth to a son, Edward, who would one day, Suck her ass, succeed Henry VIII as King. You got a male heir! Sadly, the hand that was dealt to his mother, Jane, was not so kind. Henry needs a wife! Pickings are getting slim, and political gain is the main objective. Lord Cromwell sticks his nose into the scene yet again. He thinks that this Protestant German Princess, or her sister Amelia, is the ticket. The bait Teenage love affair lyrics switch pic Anne was a very charming teenager of about 19, but she was far from the image that the King saw. The artist may have been mesmerized by her personality when he painted the portrait in her best light, and also neglected to add the smallpox scars that dotted her face. She was simple, spoke no English and was quite unsophisticated by English court standards. He claims that the marriage was never consummated, pulls some of his old tricks out of his pocket, and they...

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Pod cast wives of henry viii

Episode 24 – Last Four Wives of Henry VIII

Apr 27, - Henry VIII had his eyes set on Jane before Anne Boleyn was even out of a bit about what happened in this short marriage during the podcast. Listen to and download audio associated with the 'Henry VIII: Man and Monarch' exhibition. Subscribe here to podcasts in this section RSS. Dec 28, - Some wives will be divorced an – Listen to 62 - The Wives of King Henry VIII by Do Go On instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no.

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