Ivf estrogen vaginal vs oral

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#1 Ivf estrogen vaginal vs oral

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Ivf estrogen vaginal vs oral

This is the place to go when it feels like everyone is pregnant, except you. No linking infertility sub posts to subs outside of the infertility family. Sub rules are published here and listed below:. Mention of pregnancy is touchy here. It can be mentioned in vague and neutral terms such as "we had success after x,y,z protocol". Unprompted discussion or explicit mention of pregnancy will be removed. Guidelines for flair and usernames for those TTC fstrogen are here. Please also read these mod posts on the subject: Mention of Children Mention of children is a touchy subject in this forum, but may be discussed in neutral, sensitive language, especially in the context of making Ivc introduction or answering a question about success with a particular treatment protocol. Statements of medical facts are very helpful ex. Mention of Positive Results Positive results should only Ivf estrogen vaginal vs oral mentioned in the weekly results thread or the post-beta thread. Vaglnal pregnancies may turn into on-going pregnancies and post-beta is a safe spot for people to voice their concern without exposing other members who are unable to deal with Baily bailys room hardcore right now. Please consider the emotional state Ivf estrogen vaginal vs oral others during discussion here. Venting, jealousy, and bitterness are to be expected. There will be cursing. If you see sstrogen post that breaks any of our rules or is troublesome to you please use the report button. The mods are happy to assess and remove or address reported posts. Let's all help keep this a safe, supportive community. Orap The AutoModerator will flag these. Infertility is not cute and it estrogeen also necessarily full of medical acronyms, therefore cutesy acronyms BD, AF, DH, Embies, follies, etc are banned. Here is the list of banned vIf...

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Frozen-thawed FT embryo transfer is a procedure used for the storage and transfer of excess embryos obtained during in vitro fertilization— intracytoplasmic sperm injection cycles. In recent years, improvements in laboratory conditions and limitations on the number of embryos to be transferred have led to a progressive increase in FT embryo transfer cycles. However, the best solution for endometrial preparation in these cycles is still a matter of debate. In this study, we aimed to review the current methods of endometrial preparation in FT embryo transfer cycles. In light of the current literature, it is hard to determine which method is the best for endometrial preparation. It is therefore necessary to conduct randomized controlled studies in a prospective design, which will also evaluate the above-mentioned factors. Frozen-thawed FT embryo transfer is a procedure used for the storage and transfer of excess embryos obtained during in vitro fertilization IVF —intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI cycles. Another preferred practice to prevent multiple pregnancies in IVF cycles is to transfer a single embryo and freeze all surplus embryos 1. However, the best solution for endometrial preparation in these cycles is still a matter of debate 2. Frozen-thawed embryo transfer prevents embryo waste and increases the probability of pregnancy in a single stimulated cycle. Protocols applied in FT cycles aim for endometrial preparation only and are therefore simpler than complicated protocols that aim to develop many follicles. As the treatment for subfertility increases, so does the importance of FT embryo transfer; however, there is no consensus about which method is the best 3 , 4. Pregnancy rates following FT embryo transfer have been found to be higher than those following fresh embryo transfer 5. Further, FT embryo transfer increases the cumulative pregnancy rate and decreases the cost; in addition, it is easy to perform and...

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Devroey; Effect of oral administration of dydrogestrone versus vaginal administration of natural micronized progesterone on the secretory transformation of endometrium and luteal endocrine profile in patients with premature ovarian failure: We aimed to explore the endometrial histology and endocrine profiles on day 21 of an artificial cycle in patients with premature ovarian failure POF treated with oral dydrogesterone DG or vaginal micronized progesterone. The study was designed as a prospective pilot study at an academic reproductive medicine unit. Six POF patients were included in the study. After estrogen endometrial priming, patients were randomized to receive DG or progesterone in two subsequent cycles. The main outcome measure was the endometrial histology and the endocrine profiles on day 21 of the cycle. Development of endometrial glands corresponded to an early secretory phase in five out of six cases supplemented with DG out-phase. There was a significant difference in the mean progesterone value [8. Hormonal support of the luteal phase in patients undergoing oocyte retrieval and embryo transfer is routinely used Albano et al. Various formulations of progesterone are available, including oral, vaginal and i. A recent meta-analysis by Nosarka et al. Progesterone administered orally is subjected to a first-pass prehepatic and hepatic metabolism. Dydrogesterone DG , a retroprogesterone with good oral bioavailability, is a biologically active metabolite of progesterone, which has an anti-estrogenic effect on the endometrium causing a secretory transformation Whitehead et al. Recently, Chakravarty et al. Both DG and micronized progesterone were associated with similar rates of successful pregnancies Prior to initiation of a large randomized controlled trial to compare these two treatment schemes for IVF cycles, we decided to conduct a pilot study in patients with premature ovarian failure POF Beck-Peccoz and Persani, , who were on the waiting list of our oocyte donation programme. The subjects were...

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Endometrial preparation with exogenous estrogen is a common practice in frozen-thawed embryo transfer FET cycles. The objective of this study was to compare the clinical outcomes of two endometrial preparation groups, oral estradiol valerate tablets OEV group versus vaginal estradiol VE tablets group, in inadequate endometrium patients. This retrospective, single-center, cohort study of patients undergoing FET treatment between Jan. OEV group included 69 patients cycles who received continuous OEV from day 1 onwards up to the day of progesterone supplement, while VE group included patients cycles who taken OEV from day 1 to day 12, and used VE tablets from day 13 till the day of progesterone supplement. Patients in VE group required more days and higher dosage of estradiol, but had thinner endometrium on the day of transfer. However, the increase of endometrial thickness was more, when compared to OEV-treated patients. The implantation rate and pregnancy rate were, though not significantly, higher in VE group. Longer time of administration and higher dosage of estradiol usage did not have adverse effects on the clinical pregnancy rate. VE tablets may promote endometrial development and pregnancy success in FET cycles could not verify. Further study is needed to confirm the vaginal estradiol action on frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles. Cryopreservation of spare embryos after controlled ovarian stimulation has been increasingly used during the last decade, coinciding with an increase in the elective single embryo transfer policy and the improvement of freezing technologies [ 1 ]. As a result, an increase in the cumulative pregnancy rate per oocyte retrieval has been obtained [ 1 - 3 ]. Cryopreservation of embryos crested during fresh IVF cycles provides a less expensive and time-intensive opportunity for pregnancy. If a stimulated fresh cycle is unsuccessful and there are frozen embryos available, a frozen-thawed embryo transfer is performed. Adequate...

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Did Estrace increase your lining, and if yes, by how much? Maybe the spotting is from implantation? What did your doctor say? I started taking it 2 days after retrieval. I had a fresh cycle and they had difficulty getting an accurate lining measurement until day of transfer because my ovaries were so large. My lining the day of transfer was I think a As for the spotting I am just to continue my meds until beta on Friday. In the beginning I was hoping it was implantation, but I am losing hope as it continues: I was on oral I have no idea how much it increased my lining, since I don't know what mine does during a normal, unmedicated cycle. I took a 2mg tablet 3x per day for 16 days prior to transfer. I don't know what it was at transfer. My first fet I took it 3 times a day orally and lining was around 9. The next fet I did I took it 3 times a day and one pill vaginally at bedtime. That time I think it was 12 and I did get pregnant although it was a chemical. If lining is still too thin at the first lining check, they introduce vaginal Estrace once or twice a day. The vaginal meds to always increase my lining at the last minute. I don't remember exact measurements. I am surprised more women aren't responding. Maybe there is another more utilized estrogen therapy that is used before frozen embryo transfer besides Estrace? I think my lining was probably around a 12 or so. My baseline was 1mm and my lining was I was on Vivelle estrogen patches every other day starting 17 days before my FET day. This inactive post may not receive community...

Ivf estrogen vaginal vs oral

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FET cycles required the addition of vaginal estrogen to oral estrogen and were compared to cycles that did not require vaginal estrogen. Prior to. I have been taking regular Estradiol pill vaginally since before my I think Abbott makes a generic that is white (as opposed to green or blue).Estrace vs Delestrogen. Oct 1, - groups, oral estradiol valerate tablets (OEV) group versus vaginal , at an academic IVF center, included patients (cycles) with.

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