Erotic stories wet miranda

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#1 Erotic stories wet miranda

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Erotic stories wet miranda

Muranda don't need a gift. This is the first time you've had a birthday Erotic stories wet miranda we started dating. Don't waste any money on me. My dream birthday is just having over three or four friends, watching the Heat play basketball, playing poker, and drinking beer. I don't need anything. Please, I know you sometimes Erotic stories wet miranda trouble saving money, and I really don't want you to spend a cent on my birthday. If you really must, you can make me a cake and we'll have it when my friends come over next week. Your dream birthday party is Beer, Basketball, Poker, and a homemade birthday cake? That would make me so happy. I was already planning and plotting a very sexy surprise for him. I promise I won't spend one penny on your party. His birthday was on Saturday night, Erotic stories wet miranda I had four days to prepare. I called my friend Julie the next day, and asked if she would be interested in coming over to Tom's birthday party. I told her to come around 5: She happened to be Erotic stories wet miranda pastry chef at a good Miami Beach restaurant, and I knew she would be able to make a much better cake than I would. She also had three Erotic stories wet miranda qualities I especially was looking for; she was incredibly attractive, she was very out going, and she was also very kinky. I had heard her tell me many tales of her sexual exploits, and I barely believed them all. Tom was sitting on the black leather sofa when I arrived at his apartment at 4: He was drinking storirs bottle of Corona with a lime in it. I opened my purse and pulled out four cards....

#2 Muchachas que tienen sexo

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Muchachas que tienen sexo

As much as I love to come, and as often as I masturbate, there was something that was still a mystery about the process until recently. I watched Rick jacking off one night, and I suddenly realized that men always shoot out something when they come, and women generally do not. I had heard that it was possible for women to expel fluid, or "squirt," but I didn't really believe it. I did some research on the phenomenon of female ejaculation, or squirting, and I learned a few things. I was intrigued for a few days, but I soon forgot all about it. A few weeks later, Rick and I were watching an adult video, and a woman came in a gushing spurt of ecstasy. I thought she was ejaculating, and Rick argued that she was just peeing. I bet him that with enough training and patience I could learn to squirt when I came. I didn't expect this to happen overnight, but I knew that it was scientifically possible, and I just had to try. I decided it was time to learn all I could about female ejaculation. I studied videos of women coming, and I read scientific journals. I learned all about the anatomy. I will spare you a detailed biology lesson, but it boils down to the existence of something called Skene's gland, which is near the urethra. During sexual arousal these glands fill with fluid and may in some cases be felt through the vaginal wall. The tissue surrounding the female urethra fills with blood during sexual arousal, as is the case in the male. This results in the tissue becoming firm to the touch. The first thing I learned is that there is scientific evidence of female ejaculation. It is a distinctly separate liquid than...

#3 Walmart capri pants

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Walmart capri pants

Being a total tease sometimes can get me in trouble. Sometimes I get guys so turned on with my innuendo and dirty talking that they expect me to put my money where my mouth is. One night I was hanging out in the basement of my friend Jim's house, and we were having a party. Usually there are a few other women around besides me, but for some reason this small get together contained almost all guys. Sarah had some kind of lame excuse about having to work the next morning, and Jen was with her boyfriend doing who knows what. Cindy wasn't up to partying that particular night, and Becky was home in Orlando for the weekend. Sometimes Jim's parties are pretty big, with up to people, but this wasn't really a party; it was just a group of twelve including myself. We were hanging out in the basement of Jim's nice Miami Beach condo, and doing all kinds of things. Two guys were playing darts, Jim was kicking my ass at pool, and the rest of the guys were milling around the room drinking bottles of Corona and mixing unusual concoctions with Jim's expensive liquor. I perched my Amaretto sour on the edge of the pool table and sunk the cue ball right into the middle pocket, missing the ball I was aiming for by a good 3 inches. Jim and I have known each other for years, and though we have never been sexually intimate, we are very close friends who can talk about anything with each other. He is dating a knockout blonde named Selena. She has enormous natural breasts, and a very petite frame that she keeps in great shape. Jim had just started dating her a few weeks ago, and although I did not...

#4 Naughty happy birthday icons for myspace

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Naughty happy birthday icons for myspace

Most of my stories are fictional fantasies, and some are way over the top. I thought I'd share a real experience with Literotica. Her name was Rebecca. I had just turned 18, and it was the summer after high school graduation. We had already kissed a couple of times, nothing serious, just some fooling around while we were buzzed. I didn't know I was bisexual yet, but I knew I liked to look at girls as much as look at guys. She had a small party at her house while her parents were away in Colorado Skiing. Not really a big party, just about 8 or 9 of us, guys and girls. Everyone else had left by 2: We were both sitting on the sofa, close enough so our legs were touching. She told me she really liked it when we made out a couple of times earlier that school year. I told her it was fun too. She asked me if I wanted to do it again. It kind of felt awkward to be asked instead of just doing it like the other times we kissed. Another story for a later post. Still, I really wanted it too, and I said yes. She put her arms on my shoulders and started to kiss my lips. The other times we kissed that's all we did, there was no touching really. I really got into the passion, and kissed her back and touched her legs. Then she put one hand on one of my breasts. This felt really strange. I still didn't know I was bisexual yet, and wasn't sure if I wanted to do stuff like that. I made her stop. She asked me if I felt uncomfortable with her touching my breast, and I told her I didn't know....

#5 Changing partition amount on hard drives

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Changing partition amount on hard drives

We are in a dungeon. It is literally a dungeon; it is the basement of Carl's friend's house, Paul, who is another Dom. They are both tall, muscular men. Although Carl is my master, he is not really into anything too heavy; but Paul is a little darker than my master, and his dungeon is much more fully equipped. I am dressed in something really feminine, a thin lacy white dress with nothing underneath. Paul has invited eight other guys over. The guys are all sitting around upstairs drinking Jack and Coke, and I am nervously sitting on a hard wood chair in the middle of the room. Paul eventually leads his friends downstairs into the dungeon. They look around at all the strange equipment; shackles, paddles, leather outfits, whips, ropes, chains. There is a table in the middle of the room with all sorts of elaborate restraints. My master Carl has already told me the scenario; I will be restrained on the table, naked, and everyone will be able to have their way with me. Any way they want to take me. The guys end up staring at me as soon as their initial shock at being in a dungeon wears off. I blush as they look at my figure from head to toe. I begin to sweat a little. Carl takes my hand. She has confided to me that she wants to be in a gang-bang. When I pressed her for details, she said she wanted to be fucked by three or four guys. Well, there's eight of you, plus my friend Paul and myself, so I guess she will be more than fulfilled tonight. As you can see, there is a big table in the middle of the room. This is were slave Miranda will be restrained....

Erotic stories wet miranda

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"Yes, Miranda, I know all about your short red bush." He laughed. Jim had seen my pussy many times. We had been to nude beaches together, and also I had. "Guys, this is my slave, Miranda. She has confided to me that she wants to be in a gang-bang. When I pressed her for details, she said she wanted to be fucked. As much as I love to come, and as often as I masturbate, there was something that was still a mystery about the process until recently. I watched Rick jacking off.

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