Breast health certification

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#1 Breast health certification

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Breast health certification

The German health care system has entered an era of specialist centers and certification. Hospitals are required to introduce quality management with external monitoring, refining and improving their quality of treatment. These statutory requirements can only be met through specialization, centralization, and establishing centers and networks with internal heallth external interdisciplinary collaboration. Simultaneously, there are increasing demands for more cost-effective medical services despite limited resources — making economic analysis of health care certificagion necessary. Few economic studies of the centers and certification system have been conducted, however. General long-term quality data, particularly for results, are not yet available from certified breast centers. At present, a certified breast center is not itself a proven independent prognostic parameter for treatment results. However, the individual criteria required for breast center certification show a significant positive influence on clinical efficacy. Certified breast centers involve substantial extra costs that are not reimbursed by funding bodies, so the slightest potential benefit for patients from certified centers already appears cost-effective. When the actual costs, currently usually subsidized by other departments, are considered, it is unclear whether certified breast centers remain cost-effective. Das deutsche Gesundheitswesen erlebt das Zeitalter der Zentrumsbildung und Zertifizierung. The health care system is currently experiencing a wave of developments involving the establishment and certification of specialized certtification. The starting point for this trend was the establishment of certified centers in the field of gynecological oncology. Certification of centers has been possible at the international level for several years. The European Society of Mastology EUSOMA guidelines on the requirements for Breasf specialized breast unit deal with Breawt aspects hewlth to breast carcinoma and form the basis for the Society's own accreditation system. The purpose is to establish high standards in the quality of healthh care [ 12 ]. The criteria include standard items such as...

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Breast health certification


Feb 2, - The NCBC Breast Patient Navigation Certification Program offers six types of For those planning to take the breast cancer certification exam. No information is available for this page. The Clinical Breast Examination Certification Program is offered at our annual conference in Las Vegas, NV to promote consistent breast health care throughout.

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