Babysitter put me in diapers

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#1 Babysitter put me in diapers

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Babysitter put me in diapers

If this is your first visit, Babysihter sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You dialers have to register before you can post: There are additional benefits to registering. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit Dans movies daily porn the selection below. Be aware that if you register with a temporary email address, your account will not be approved. Login or Sign Up. Search in titles only Search in Completed Stories only Search. Today's Posts Babysitter put me in diapers List Calendar. The Swedish Babysitter Just a story that i have been writing, please do keep in mind that I am not from an english speaking language, so my english might not be perfect, although I hope it have improved as I went on with the story, enjoy The Swedish Babysitter: Hello, before I start telling my story, I should tell you abit about myself: Bwbysitter name is Nicole, I am a 16 year old swedish girl who just moved to America with my mother, Babysittr have straight long Penning cowgirl up steer riding hair abit past my shoulders, wich I usually keep in a straight pony-tail as I am mostly training football or jogging. And since I work out very much, I have quite the slim body, and a fair amount of muscles, although I puy not look like a creepy body-builder, I just have a fresch well-trained body. I am 5,7 ft tall, and weigh about lb. I keep the rest of my body hair-less, as I don't feel comfortable with hair anywhere but on my head. My mother is a quite wealthy and independant woman, she has never been married, and even though she got me Pick up strippers she was 19 my dad...

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She was a good person—a loving mom. But my mom was cautious by nature, liked things tidy and in their place, and was a creature of habit. So in retrospect I see her insistence that I wear diapers at night was more a reflection of her compulsiveness than on any real need of mine to wear them. A Saturday in August she had plans to go out. My sister was at camp. Our usual sitter was unavailable. True, she struck me as being more than a year older than me. She was an honor student and had a strictly business yet friendly way about her. We crossed paths on occasion and thought well of each other. I was fretting over how to handle this dilemma when the doorbell rang. There was Jane—her usual cute self in a short dress and sandals, a couple inches taller than me, smiling pleasantly, but not in a way that suggested she thought this arrangement was embarrassing to me or out of the ordinary for her. To her it was just another sitting job. After all, most year-olds have sitters and most year-old girls baby sit. Dread consumed me as my mom went down the checklist of things Jane needed to know: Diaper him before the movie in case he falls asleep. To my surprise and relief, Jane did not react to this bit of news. Up until the time my mom mentioned that I wore diapers to bed, Jane and I were practically peers. Two acquaintances—the same school, some of the same friends, liking the same music and TV shows. But once she knew I wore diapers, my status changed. She was in charge. She would make the decisions: We were only a year apart in age, but my status in the relationship was...

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I babysat a boy who threatened to tell his mother I touched his privates if I made him go to bed. I called his parents and told them to come back immediately, their son had said something very inappropriate. It was a joke! I refused to sit for them again. I feel bad that they never got to go out, but seriously. No way I was risking my ass. I was babysitting a brother 9 and sister 7 who always acted out pretty badly…. One night I was making dinner in the kitchen while they were watching T. I had a clear view of them and could hear them arguing about what to watch. When the sister refused to change the channel the brother whipped out his penis, stood over her, and threatened to pee on her unless she changed the channel. When she called out for me he changed tactics and full-on smacked her in the face with his little wang. I just stood there, horrified, no idea how to address what just happened. I ended up telling him to pull up his pants and continued cooking. Because Jesus fucking Christ that shit was way beyond my skill level. When I was 12 I babysat a 7-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy. The boy went to the bathroom and then started screaming for me. I babysat for a single mom down the road. She was going out with her new BF. Cute, great 5-year-old boy, though very timid. I myself was 15 at the time…. He gets up and runs over to grab some scissors and runs back. On his legs I see countless cuts, some scars looking years old, some only a day or two old …. He agrees, and I call the cops…. I decide to deadbolt...

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One day when I was 17 I got a call from my neighbor. She needed me to babysit her 12 year old son while her and her husband are gone for the week in New York. So I said yes and said I would be there tomorrow at 9: So before I went to bed that night I packed my duffle bag with enough clothes so I could stay the week. When I woke up in the morning it was 8: I took a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast, then I grabbed my duffle bag and headed over to Mrs. When I got there Mr. White were packing up the car to head to the airport. When I walked up Mrs. White said hi and that I could go ahead and go inside to put my stuff down. When I went inside Luke the 12 year old boy I am babysitting was sitting on the couch crying because he didn't want his parents to leave. I sat down next to him and asked him what was wrong. He said while still crying," I don't want mommy and daddy to leave. When he came back from the restroom his parents came in and told him good by. Oh and also the washer and dryer are broken so try not to get any clothes or anything wet or dirty this week. I told her that it's ok because I brought a few changes of clothes. After they left I made Luke some breakfast and we watched some tv. Then I told him to get dressed. After he got dressed we went to the park and played with his friends. After about 2 hours or so I told him that we need to get home but he didn't want to. He started crying...

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Group of related people

Cooper to her 9-year old son. Last time, she made me wear a diaper. Why can't you get somebody else? Billy Cooper wasn't shy about expressing his displeasure with his mother's choice for his babysitter. The boy knew all about Linda Madison. The year old high school junior had a reputation as a reliable but no-nonsense babysitter. Well-behaved children loved her. Unruly children quickly learned that she was bad news when they misbehaved. Linda liked her nickname—the bad news babysitter. It made her job easier. It was true that she used diapers to discipline children, but it wasn't a frequent occurrence. Besides, Linda is a good sitter. Once I sign her contract, you'll have to behave yourself or suffer the consequences. Her parents still remembered the night when she came home after only her third babysitting job. She had just finished babysitting a 7-year old boy and a 2-year old girl. He was being mean to his little sister. Then I put him into one of sister's pull-up diapers. I don't like hitting kids, so I thought a diaper was safer. He sure behaved a lot better once he was in a diaper. From now on, I'm going to bring diapers with me whenever I babysit. I'll tell you what. I'll draw up a little contract that you can use each time you babysit. Madison drew up a simple one-page contract for his daughter. The contract had seven clauses. The most unusual clause was the fourth one. If the child misbehaves during the contractual period, the babysitter may, at her discretion, remove the child's underwear and put the child into a disposable diaper as punishment. The child shall remain diapered until bedtime or the arrival of a parent, whichever comes first. Linda was instructed to fill in the name of...

Babysitter put me in diapers


Jun 3, - “No, you're the baby,” Sarah interjected, pulling a pack of diapers out of her .. You can't make me wear--” he was silenced by the bottle stuffing his mouth, .. “aw, I guess your parents will put you back in big boy undies now. Sep 14, - I had to admit, out of everyone I'd want babysitting me, which was about as long of a . I wasn't sure what to do, so I just put my arm around her. a cloth-backed adult diaper, made to replicate a popular line of baby diapers. “I can put them on,” I said as she led me by the hand into my mom's room, who kept my naked in front of a girl practically my age, waiting for her to put me in diapers. The fact is, girls are usually the babysitters and boys are usually the ones.

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