Arsenic testing strip

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#1 Arsenic testing strip

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Arsenic testing strip

The ultimate goal of this Phase I project is to develop and commercialize an easy-to-use, nontoxic test strip that srrip indicate the presence of arsenic in water at levels down to 0. Incorporating the entire test system onto a single strip of paper is a key innovation in the proposed analytical technique, and it is the primary goal of the Phase I feasibility demonstration. Phase II work will involve optimization and field testing. In the proposed method, a drop tetsing water is placed on special test paper. A colored ring Arsenic testing strip appear within minutes if unsafe arsenic levels are present. This self-contained, Arsenic testing strip paper approach represents a significant advance in the state-of-the-art as a cheaper, faster, safer, and more sensitive analytical method. Untrained individuals will be able to use it in the field, and the technique will be universally applicable to arsenic Arsdnic in water. As envisioned, these novel test strips will become invaluable to government agencies and private companies as a quick, reliable, and inexpensive monitoring method for arsenic. The strips also will Arsenic testing strip a cheap, simple method for evaluating the safety of drinking water for millions of people who rely on individual wells and other small water systems. Because of the worldwide nature of the arsenic problem, Arsenic testing strip because the test method will be extremely portable and inexpensive, Arsenic testing strip method will be useful to U. The test srip also Emily stupple suburban amateurs be useful for applications other than initial testing of water sources. For example, if arsenic removal is needed at a well head, ADA Technologies' arsenic detection paper can be safely and inexpensively used to monitor the performance Arsenic testing strip the treatment system and provide an indication of the system's need for maintenance or...

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In the past, testing for arsenic in drinking water has been as difficult as removing it. A variety of test kits have appeared on the market deriving from the need for easier, cheaper and faster methods. These test kits rival both the accuracy and low detection ability of laboratory instrumentation. Arsenic often is remembered as a poison, used since medieval times to eliminate unsuspecting persons. In those days, arsenic was a perfect murder weapon because the symptoms of death mimicked other causes and, therefore, were hard to trace. Severe poisoning and possibly death can occur from just mg of arsenic. Lower frequent doses like those received from contaminated drinking water build up in the body and produce varying side effects. Cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular problems are linked to arsenic poisoning. Some research suggests that as little as 3 parts per billion ppb is potentially harmful. The thought of arsenic being present at any quantity in drinking water is quite alarming to the average consumer. Groundwater contaminated with arsenic has been found in 49 of the 50 states in the United States. Arsenic most often is present in the environment in the form of inorganic arsenic and enters groundwater from the erosion of arsenic-containing rocks and soil. Arsenite is the more toxic of the two forms. Measuring arsenic concentrations accurately was left to the laboratory and expensive instrumentation such as atomic absorption spectrometers. Time delay and expense are the obvious problems with this approach. Of the available competing products, the most useful arsenic test kits report quantitatively as well as qualitatively. This is done in a controlled reaction between an acidified water sample and zinc powder. A volume-specific reaction vessel, usually a plastic bottle supplied in the test kit, is used for this reaction. Different kits typically require different sample sizes...

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Arsenic testing strip

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Sigma-Aldrich offers EMD Millipore, Arsenic Test for your research needs. Find product specific information including CAS, MSDS, protocols and. The ultimate goal of this Phase I project is to develop and commercialize an easy-to-use, nontoxic test strip that will indicate the presence of arsenic in water at. The first study that reported the existence of arsenic in ground water was . on the test strip to form mixed arsenic/ mercury halogenides that discolour the.

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